Education is an effective tool to reduce poverty globally

It is no gainsaying that education has become one of the most powerful weapons known all over the world for reducing poverty and inequality in modern societies.


Rosebowl Education Consult Limited was established with the aim of providing a world class educational service in International universities placements, research support, human capacity building and consultancy.


‘’To provide the best value-for-money educational consulting services that increases customer opportunities and choices thereby helping them realise their set goals and individual dreams’’.


‘’To build a firm that caters for the diverse needs of customers with regard to educationally related services with guaranteed outcomes’’.


Our core values centres on:

• Passion to serve
• Research and Innovation
• Adherence to quality service
• Collaboration
• Timeliness of service delivery


• International Degree Foundation Programme
• A-Level classes
• Guaranteed university placements for International students
• Education/career counselling
• University/course selection
• Application processing support services for overseas universities
• English language classes
• Entrance examination coaching classes (IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, GRE & GMAT)
• Collaboration with International Institutions/Organizations for easy access to choice university destinations by students
• Immigration assistance
• Visa support services
• Pre-departure and post-arrival services
• Airport assistance
• Accommodation services


At Rosebowl Education Consult Ltd, we recognize the fact that most prospective candidates that desires to pursue a PhD either lack access to proper guidance or even when they enrol in such programmes, are not able to make progress resulting to a high percentage of drop out (about 60% of all enrolments). The PhD is for the determined mind. But beyond the personal motivation, proper guidance and support is a sure way to success..

’The PhD is a journey, but unlike a normal journey, its destination is not known. However, with determination and hard work the traveller (the student) is sure to heave a sigh of relief when he/she eventually finds his/her destination’’ – Dr. Itotenaan Henry Ogiri (Visiting Fellow, Leeds Beckett University, United Kingdom).

At Rosebowl Education Consult Limited, the experts, working in conjunction with college of Professors in different fields drawn from Nigeria, Ghana, United Kingdom, USA and Australia are poise to make PhD pursuit easier than it would otherwise have been. This crop of experts and erudite scholars will guide you to master your chosen area of research and equip you with the requisite knowledge to excel.

Career Counselling

Identifying suitable career path for our customers based on a careful analysis of thoughts and interest areas.

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Application Processing / Support Services for Overseas Universities

We ensure a smooth application processing into customers’ choice courses and universities abroad.

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